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NDG_slide_10-600x400                                                                                                                           (photo from Nextdoorganics)

My grandfather recently pointed out that I frequently reference the “CSA” I am part of, but never actually explain what a CSA is. He’s totally right!

With that said, in a nutshell…

CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture” – it is a way for you to gain access to fresh produce grown locally from regional farms. It’s wonderful because not only are you supporting your local farmers, but you know exactly where your food is coming from. You’re also getting produce that is harvested during their peak seasons (meaning that big juicy strawberry tastes that way because it is strawberry season, not because they’ve been altered to taste “ripe” during the off-season.) Another perk is the varying produce you get that you wouldn’t normally see in your grocery stores. Things like garlic scapes, romanesco broccoli, and kohlrabi were all things I had never tried before until they ended up in my CSA bag.

Some CSAs are weekly, some are bi-weekly, some are year round, and some are only during the Spring-Fall seasons. Prices vary depending on which CSA you are a part of, and how big a portion you sign up for.

Here in Brooklyn, I am a part of Nextdoorganics CSA. Every week (year round) I get a small/regular bag for $25 and pick it up Monday nights in my neighborhood. They also deliver for a small fee, which is great. The week prior, you’re able to add things like eggs, cheese, meats, pasta, spices (and more!) for additional. All the add-on items are locally based as well. I have been a part of Nextdoorganics for over 3 years now and absolutely love it. What is particularly helpful is that my CSA gives you the option to skip a week (or as many as needed) without paying – you only pay for the weeks you confirm your order! So if you’re going away for the month, no worries.

Here is a Q&A Nextdoorganics did with me recently, I hope it inspires you to sign up for a CSA in your area! And if you’re from Brooklyn or Manhattan, sign up HERE! I recommend it.



How good does that toast look! My friend Blair from Rhode Island recently started a blog that focuses on digestive health and how to balance it through recipes that focus on clean and whole foods. Her recipes look delicious! She finds a way to eat healthy without sacrificing flavor (or desserts…) which as we know is a tough thing to do when trying to eat right. So put down those store bought brownies and make her raw brownie bites instead!

You can also follow her recipes on instagram @balancewithb


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